Our Curriculum

We provide the most time-tested methods of educating students, and at the same time, delivers the most cutting-edge education in America.

We believe that education is a teaching of character, and character is the intersection of intellectual growth and moral integrity.


We seek to develop each student’s ability to be thoughtful, consider the views and needs of others, and act with integrity.


Real education cannot happen unless the individual is engaged. To provoke their active participation in their own education, we push students to wrestle with conflicting views on controversial subjects.

Critical Thinking

Education is a process of awakening students to their own possibilities. Emphasis is placed on minds-on learning and on fostering a spirit of inquiry in students. Question everything!


Classically Influenced

Knowledge for the ancients was the highest level of commitment to an idea that a student could demonstrate. There was nothing superficial about knowledge. In asking our students to engage themselves in their own education and to make ideas their own, we are asking them to commit to a deep knowledge from which moral action can emerge.

21st Century Learning

Having a strong academic foundation must have the support of a deep understanding of technology in order to be competitive in the future. As a result, we teach computer science beginning in kindergarten. In addition, students will utilize Chromebooks throughout the day. 

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