We Need Your Support!

Accomplishing our mission to provide every child an outstanding education requires the support, encouragement, and generosity of those who believe that our students can achieve. As a charter school, we receive per-pupil funding from state and federal sources for operational expenses. There is a shortfall between these public revenues and the actual cost of an Élan Academy education specifically additional technology needs for our blended learning and computer coding program, field trips, and enrichment programs. Support us by investing in our work.


Each donation is a seed that helps secure a strong and successful founding year.


Every dollar you contribute directly supports our students. There are many ways to get involved – invest in our school, donate books to our library, volunteer, and spread the word. Below are ways your donations will help our students!


Uniform  - $20 

Provide a student with a uniform shirt. Help us gift our familes with their first uniform shirt.

School Supplies Package - $25

Replenish our classroom school supplies throughout the school year by providing a school supply package for each student. 


Guided Reading - $50

In small groups, our students work to apply literacy skills they have learned with the support of their teacher using books that are aligned to their specific needs. 


Furniture - $75 for One Desk

As we continue to grow, new classrooms will need to be furnished with desks and chairs for our students.

Library Books - $100 

The love for reading is built through the ability to read with mastery and to have access to a wealth of books from a variety of authors and genres. 

Help build our library today.

Chromebooks - $200 for One Laptop

Each student will have a Chromebook to use during the school day to learn typing, computer program coding, and to guide their own learning through our blended learning software.

Character and Fitness

$750 for P.E. Equipment

 Our daily Character and Fitness class combines team sports and physical activity to demonstrate and teach our students the LEADER core values: Leadership, Enthusiasm, Achievement, Determination, Endurance, and Respect.

School-wide Field Trip 

 $1,000 for the Whole School

Our learning takes place in and outside of the classroom. Support our students as they travel to the aquarium, cultural centers, historical sites, and colleges.

Blended Learning Software  

$5,000 for One Year

We utilize an adaptive learning software for litearcy and math that empowers our students to control the pace of their own learning based on their individual learning plans. 

Music Program

 $10,000 to Fund the Make Music NOLA Program 

Music courses have immense value to the development of our students' intellect, understanding of culture and history, and builds character. Donate today and help build our music program.


Art Program

$15,000 to Fund the Art Program 

Creativity is important to the development of the whole child. Understanding Art, philosophy and how Art reflects philosophy will enable a greater comprehension of present-day life and culture as well as the past. Donate to fund our art program.

Classroom Name 

$20,000 to Name a Classroom

Honor your alma mater and inspire our students to go to college! Our students know from the minute they come to Élan that college is the expectation. Help surround them with positive images and reinforcements!