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Élan Academy is a free public college preparatory charter school, Élan Academy Charter School currently educates prek4 through sixth-grade students. We will grow one grade level at a time to eventually educate pre-kindergarten through grade eight students in New Orleans, LA.
Through a classical curriculum, high-quality instruction, and leadership development, Élan Academy Charter School ensures that all students have the foundation necessary to thrive in secondary school, succeed in college, and access lives of opportunity.


We maximize individualization and propel early technology literacy through rich and frequent blended learning. We stand firm on three concepts - grammar, logic, rhetoric - and three components – structured learning, Great Books, spoken language. Our 21st century approach to learning, joined with a classical curriculum, provides an innovative and powerful option for preparing students with the foundation necessary for lives of opportunity.



  • 21st Century Learning is Central to a Life of Opportunity

  • College Preparation Begins in Kindergarten

  • Classical Curriculum Propels Literacy

  • Joy and Structure Create a Strong Culture of Achievement

  • Leadership Development Builds Character

  • Data Drives Decisions

  • Every Minute Matters

  • Family and Community Partnerships are Essential

  • Excellent Teachers Produce Stellar Results